Imagine your ETO leaves mid-season. A stewardess quits after two months. 70% crew turnover. The owner suddenly drops by whilst the boat is in this major HR crisis. Mind is a state of the art performance management tool that gives you instant insight into your team’s motivation.

Data-driven insights provide actionable recommendations to help you retain talent and increase productivity. We leverage artificial intelligence to provide you Peace of Mind in managing your crew.


Worried about a child falling into the pool, getting into the engine room, or worse, falling overboard? Worry no more. Our Guardian module allows you to receive fully customizable alerts when an unattended child gets close to a danger zone, allowing you to prevent accidents. Space is a revolutionary safety product that leverages AI to provide Peace of Mind.

Imagine a fire breaks out and someone fails to report to their muster station. Keep in mind how long it takes to search the entire yacht. Our Emergency module instantly notifies you of the location of the missing person. Saving you the minutes that matters most. Space is a revolutionary safety product that leverages AI to provide peace of mind.

Our Story

Life is about the way you experience it. Improving this experience is the central tenet of hospitality. Hospitality after all, is about the art of service, the fine craftsmanship involved in making people feel at home.

In the information age we believe this luxury hospitality ethic should be the vocal point of technology: ensuring a radical yet seamless improvement of life.

It is our vision to improve the 7 star experience through the careful application of best practice UX design, AI technology and luxury hospitality philosophy. Because, just like hospitality, Peace of Mind should be seamless.

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